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Transportation services

According to the laws of Latvia, the dead body can only be transported by specialized funeral transport - a hearse. In our company, it is possible to order catafalques of various capacities for transporting the body and accompanying persons, as well as burial accessories in and around Riga.

Funeral transport in Riga

The unified city funeral service offers a funeral transport rental service on any route in Riga and the region.

We offer:

  • Comfort hearse with capacity from 1 to 5 seats;

Our advantages:

  • drivers with at least 5 years of experience in the funeral industry;
  • permission to transport to cemeteries;
  • ordering an outstanding hearse for a VIP funeral;
  • remote transport by refrigerated funeral transport;
  • our company's large fleet of vehicles - insurance against risks. In the event of a damaged hearse, we will always replace the funeral bus with a similar or higher class at no extra cost.

Determine the price of the hearse

The price of services related to ordering a hearse in Riga directly depends on the class of the vehicle, the duration of the rental and the length of the route. Usually, the usual price of a mid-level funeral minibus is around EUR 120. The minimum period for renting a hearse is 4 hours; the cost of delivery of funeral accessories is paid separately.

The hearse rental price includes:

  • coffin transportation;
  • the following accompanying transportation along all routes (singing songs, cemeteries, eating, etc.);
  • waiting where necessary.

The hearse rental price is affected by:

  • total rental period – the longer, the more expensive;
  • route;
  • if the cemetery is outside the borders of Riga, an additional distance fee is paid.

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