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Why choose cremation?

Today, many choose cremation instead of traditional burial for the following reasons:

1) High prices for grave sites.

2) High burials
costs – beautification of graves, cleaning, etc

3) Inaccessibility of grave sites in the place you want.

How much do cremation services cost?

We try to find the most advantageous option for each client individually - call our phone number +371 26 211 708, so that we can find a convenient and profitable solution for you.

We will help you organize everything necessary for a proper farewell to a loved one - starting with the time and place for burial, ending with transport and documentation.

The operation of crematoria in Latvia is regulated by Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 600 of June 29, 2010 - "Cremation Regulations". Cremation takes place in accordance with cremation regulations.

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