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A person died, what to do?

When a loved one passes away.

When a loved one passes away, relatives have to deal with many questions. It is difficult to act quickly and consistently during the period of the visitation, the awareness of the fact of death. These guidelines will guide you through all the stages of preparation for a funeral.

What to do before you start the funeral process

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In order to organize funeral events independently, without using the services of funeral agents, it is necessary to order funeral goods, cremation (if necessary), and funeral transport at a specialized funeral agency.

We will carry out the collection of documents, the organization of memorial services and blessings, places in the cemetery and other activities necessary for burial.

The qualified professionals at Inmemoriam Funeral Home provide FREE consultations at any stage of funeral organization.

Assistance in organizing social funerals

The term "social funeral" means a complex of funeral services or material compensation provided or paid by the state to certain categories of citizenship. It can be presented both as a guaranteed receipt of the necessary services without compensation for the organization of the funeral, and as the cost of material assistance after the funeral.

Inmemoriam office specialists provide qualified consultation and practical assistance at any stage of social funeral organization and receiving material support.

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Punctual and operative employees of Inmemoriam are ready to provide competent advice and practical assistance in organizing the funeral process.

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